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Empowerment Explosion is a movement created to encourage believers to take their position and stand in their God given authority unapologetic. Equipping and preparing you to release your full potential into the world. Everyone has been given a purpose therefore it is up to you to do what is necessary to tap into the power that has been granted to you. Reaching for the best expression of yourself has to become a mindset. Releasing greatness from within yourself, walking it out as it becomes your reality. Empowerment Explosion acts as a well where by which you can come and be refreshed. Empowered in your inner being to build that which you have been destined to. Providing a safe place to be refilled. Recognize your not called to everyone nor suppose to be everywhere. There is a people as well as a place that you must be. Prioritizing has to become key. Allowing focus to accompany you. Obstacles will come but with refusal to draw back we press toward the mark of the high calling for thereby which you have been called to. (Phil 3:14) Equipping you for the journey, staying on the course is critical there are others that are depending on your arrival.

I believe it is important to meet people where they are in life and began to refresh and motivate them. Providing the necessary tools and knowledge to go into the world limitless, triggering your purpose causing an effect. Resulting in your success to master the purpose that’s on your life. Exploding in such a way that you make better choices producing a kingdom outcome. Realize that no matter what has happened in your life so far has played a role in the purpose on your life that has worked for your good. All designed to make you better not break you. Let nothing stop you from the will of God for your life. Take A Step! You have permission to operate from an authoritative state. No longer begging but operating in commanding power. It starts with you laying a solid foundation by knowing who you are and what you’ve been given because of who’s you are.

Once you know better than you can do better. Empowerment Explosion then becomes a launching pad as you embrace your vision with clarity. Discovering the necessary steps to move forward and impact the world. “Understand You Don’t Have To Wait On The Approval of Others To Fully Operate In Your Purpose”

Let’s birth and spread movement throughout the nations in pursuit of kingdom expansion. Be Challenged, Encouraged, Productive, and Empowered

Hold Nothing Back

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